Christchurch Priory

The first record of a church on this site comes from around 800 AD. The Doomsday book (1086) records a … More

Defending the beaches

On our recent trip to Rye harbour, we saw the Martello Tower which stands at the entrance to the nature … More

Partial eclipse of the Sun

Great to watch the partial eclipse on Tuesday using the feed from Greenwich Royal observatory. It started just after 1000 … More

Fairlop Country Park

Last week I went to Fairlop Country park in Essex in search of an American Blue Winged Teal which has … More

In search of migrants

Last Tuesday I went up to central London and spent the morning in Regents Park looking for birds on migration. … More

Rewilding Knepp

On Monday Andrew, Nicole and I went to the Knepp estate in West Sussex. This 3500-acre estate was once used … More

A Fistful of Grebes

A visit on Tuesday to Staines Reservoir in search of a couple of rarer Grebes which have been seen there … More