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Keeping going

Posted: March 27, 2020 in Announcements
Migrant Hawker

We are pretty much on lockdown now except for trips to the shop, to get food, and walks in the park next door. I have a few trips I haven’t written up yet so I will continue with those for the time being and then see where we are, material wise.

Looking forward to emergence of local butterflies and Dragonflies

New Year Greetings

Posted: January 1, 2020 in Announcements

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous New Year

Christmas Greetings

Posted: December 25, 2019 in Announcements
Short-Eared Owl

Wishing all of you a joyous Christmas celebration!


Posted: December 9, 2019 in Announcements

I am away for the next two weeks and so am going to post some photos which didn’t make it into original posts. I will be back posting regularly after Christmas.

The Small Tortoiseshell is one of the UK’s commonest garden butterflies. It may hibernate over winter and so is one of the species that can be seen on warm days throughout the year.

It is found across a wide geographic area stretching from Western Europe to China and Japan. There are even a few records from New York but this may have been deliberately released there.


Posted: August 15, 2019 in Announcements

It took 24 hours longer than anticipated but we got our internet connection. Today the engineer located a break in a cable which had totally killed our system. All fixed now.

Living in anticipation

Posted: August 13, 2019 in Announcements

So we have a new router and are now waiting for the connection tomorrow and then hopefully normal service will be restored.

The last 5 weeks have been quite a eye-opener as far as how much we use the internet. If you had asked me before I would have said we were light users – email, this blog, some video watching but nothing with any great impact. But once it isn’t there you suddenly realise how much you do use it.: looking up train times, the weather, checking what’s on TV or checking the answers to questions etc etc…. It has been astonishing how many times we have gone to do something and ‘oh no we cant do that, there’s no WiFi!’

Still as they say tomorrow is a new day………Hopefully!

Oh there it goes again

Posted: August 9, 2019 in Announcements

So the internet stayed connected for 3 days this time! But now its down again.

A lady from the ISP phoned me yesterday on my mobile (our landline isn’t working as its on the same supplier) to ask why we were changing. I told her we had 5 days service in the last 5 weeks and that was very slow. She said she was very sorry to hear that and asked had I reported it. I said I had but had no response from the ISP. She was sorry for that too! When I asked her about the problems and whether our money was going to be refunded for lack of service, she told me that wasn’t her department she only dealt with cancellations. I refrained from saying she must be very busy at present!

Checked ISP site – no problems reported. Checked independent monitoring sites nationwide complaints about lack of service!

Roll on the 14th when hopefully normal service will be resumed with new ISP.

Internet joy and Internet woe

Posted: August 5, 2019 in Announcements

Well the good news is we have an internet connection again this morning, but the problem is can I trust it? The connection has come back before for periods of hours and then stopped. In all I guess we have had about 4 days connection in 5 weeks!

Still no explanation from ISP! Anyway we are changing ISP, but they can’t do it till the 14th (too many other people changing?). Interesting that we have had no communications from ISP about disruptions in service, but had an email within 30 minutes when they found out that I was changing supplier!

Roll on the 14th. Just hoping the connection stays on till then.

Still Battling!

Posted: July 11, 2019 in Announcements

We got the internet back at 10.30pm last night and I resolved to catch up on posts this morning. But you guessed it, when I woke this morning it wasdown again. I have tried posting on public WiFi at the coffee shop but it is just too slow to handle images, so will need to try somewhere else.

In the meantime I will continue reposting a series on UK castles I have visited over the years.