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Stunning Picos

Posted: August 7, 2019 in Landscape, Natural History, Spain


Some more pictures of the stunning scenery seen on my recent trip to the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain


Continuing the series of photos taken at the London Wetlands Centre whilst attending the wildlife photography workshop.






Working at home today with a wonderful view from my study window

I love photographing sunsets so was delighted to come across this picture with a great sunset over the Pacific.

Through My Lens

In late December 2018 I had the privilege of joining a friend of mine for an early morning fishing trip. The fish declined to show up, but nature made it worth while with the sunrise.

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The Winter Sea

Posted: February 18, 2019 in Landscape, Natural History

Pictures from the Dorset Coast

A Photographer looking for the best shot regardless of the conditions. I was pretty wet by the time I get back to the seafront (Photo by Sue)

The River Lym winds its way through the town of Lyme Regis before exiting to the sea in Lyme Regis Bay.

During our walk at Rochester riverside, we saw some strange things buried in the river bed.

just wish they would!

Would you live here?

Posted: December 20, 2018 in Landscape

When Sue and I were in the Olympic Park at the weekend we saw this building. I am not sure how much they assured me it was safe I would want to live in a building with half a floor cut out!

As you travel around London at ground level it is difficult to appreciate just how green our city is. Only when looking at maps or aerial photographs can you really see the true picture, so I was very interested to see this article from Stephen Liddell about a new designation for London recognising its natural environment.


One way or the other, London is famous for many things. Whether it be History, finance, empire, culture or just the weather. One of the things that might not spring to mind when you think of London, however, is just how green it is even though by area, it has by far more green and […]

via London – The first National Park City in the World — Stephen Liddell