This reminds me of a very good holiday we had in Menorca some years ago. I am sure it is more developed now but it is good to know that the wildlife is still worth visiting.

Martin Tayler's bird blog & nature photos

Menorca has the only resident population of Egyptian vultures in Europe (around 100 pairs) and so it would have been disappointing not to see them. We walked along the gorge from Santa Galdana on the south coast with wild flowers adorning the route to a backdrop of dramatic limestone cliffs and birdsong all around. We had sightings of booted eagle and black kites on our way and were well rewarded with good views of Egyptian vultures at the end of the gorge.

DSC05305DSC05287DSC05293DSC05321DSC05359Egyptian vultures

DSC05049Booted eagle

DSC05628Black kite

On the return journey we also saw a kestrel, more views of booted eagles and kites and even a pair of little egrets. The most stunning aspect of this walk was the birdsong; we had no difficulty in recognising Cetti’s warbler but were grateful to some birders who pointed out nightingales and Siberian chiffchaff. The nightingales were everywhere and filled the valley…

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This was a new Museum that I hadn’t heard of before, so I had to look it up. It is in Coventry so will have to add it to my list and visit if I am in that area

Model Railway Musings by D827 Kelly

On the weekend of 8th/9th July 2017, the Electric Railway Museum opened it’s doors to the public once again.

Natalie and myself visited on the Sunday (9th), with the aim to take photographs of the Bulleid design 4SUB unit and the Class 457 car (67300), as well as to take photos for a modeller working on a scratch built Bulleid design 2EPB.

There are around 40 vehicles at the museum, and some were unfortuately inaccessible (the highspeed freight vehicle (HSFV1) and the APT-P power car (obscured by a bus!)).

The museum holds the following items of stock:

Complete units:
  • 2EPB / 416/2 unit 6307 – Bulleid design
  • 2HAP / 414 unit
  • 2EPB / 416 unit 930053 – Former Tyneside EPB
  • 4SUB / 405 / 4732 – Bulleid design
  • 503 – LMS design 3rd rail unit
  • 501 unit number 501183/501188
  • AM9 / 309 unit number 960101 (309 624)
  • AM9 / 309…

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A fantastic Steam Gala!

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Trains

Didn’t manage to get to this one, but it sounds a fantastic day.

Loco Yard

22-10-2016-watercress-line-autumn-steam-gala-2016-1-ex-lms-46100-royal-scot-at-ropleyThe Watercress Line’s Autumn Steam Gala 2016 was an excellent three days for those who love to see a lot of steam engines in action.  There were three visitors to the railway, with the headliner being 46100 Royal Scot on its first visit to the line.  It was joined by the only surviving Ivatt 4MT, no. 43106 from the Severn Valley Railway and ex-S&DJR 7F 53809.  Unfortunately the latter failed and was unable to perform, but sat in the yard in Ropley where visitors could get up close and even explore the cab.

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I wonder what they will have planned for next year’s 50th anniversary?

Loco Yard

49th Commemoration of The End of Southern Steam 9th July 2016 Railway Touring Company West Coast Eastleigh (01) No. 45699 Ex-LMS BR Crimson Stanier Jubilee 6P class 45699 GalateaToday the 49th anniversary of the end of steam in the south was marked by a special rail tour hauled by Stanier Jubilee class 45699 Galatea.  It was great to see steam on the mainline for this commemoration, especially considering mainline operations not too long ago looked in doubt.  Although this wasn’t a Southern steam engine, I was not bothered, indeed quite the opposite, It was great to see the spectacle of steam on the mainline, especially as it was a locomotive and class that I hadn’t seen before.

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Flying Scotsman Returns!

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Trains

Loco Yard

Today, the world’s most famous steam locomotive, Flying Scotsman, has returned to Steam, at the tune of a £4.2m overhaul, taking 10 years in the process. While I was not able to attend today’s celebrations, as a railway enthusiast and historian, it is a remarkable achievement that the locomotive is finally operational.

The locomotive was built in 1923, as an A1 locomotive, numbered 1472, under the Great Northern Railway (GNR), due to the LNER not yet decided on a system wide numbering scheme.  It soon became the flagship for the LNER, representing it at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembly, in 1924 and 1925. In February, before the event, it was given the number 4472, and named Flying Scotsman.

The modified value gear allowed the locomotive to the haul the famous Flying Scotsman train service, from London to Edinburgh, with it hauling the inaugural train on 1st May 1928. Here…

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Haven’t posted much about trains recently but am looking forward to getting to some gala days this year. In the meantime here is a piece from Locoyard about the spring gala at Mid-Hants, one of my favourite heritage railways

Loco Yard

Good evening,

Tonight we are looking at my shots from this years Watercress Line Spring Steam Gala which with me being on the 35011 General Steam Navigation stand all day meant my chances to get photos were limited. That being said I had 2 photos I wanted to get at the start of the day with the first being this shot of the Mid Hants Railways newly overhauled 41312 a LMS Ivatt Class 2MT hauling the small freight set in the morning. With the overcast conditions and rain I dont think it came out that badly.

Watercress Line Spring Steam Gala 2016 - Ropley (9)The other photo I had in mind at the start of the day sadly didn’t turn out very well, but that being said, despite all the rain and the bitter cold it was a good gala and from my point of view being on the 35011 stand a very successful one. Below are some…

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Very appropriate for this time of year and another museum to be added to the “to be visited list”

Loco Yard

Milestones Museum 0-6-0 Avonside engine company saddle tank 1572 Wolmer 7th November 2015As today is Remembrance Sunday, a day when we remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom, it is rather fitting that we look at a locomotive that served on Longmoor Military Railway (LMR) from the date it was construction (1910) until 1953.  The LMR was built by the Royal Engineers to train soldiers on how to construct and operate a railway.  Railways were a key part of military operations and this steam locomotive was therefore an important machine.  So important in fact that this locomotive was saved as part of the National Collection.

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Excellent blog on the coaching stock on Bluebell Railway. On my recent visit I did notice how good the trains looked as the carriage sets matched, unlike some railways where, as a matter of availability, the sets are just a random selection of coaches.

Loco Yard

2014 Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park - Southern Railway Maunsell Open Third No1336 SECRC Class 592The Bluebell Railway not only has an incredible collection of locomotives, but has a fleet of historic carriages that is also quite exceptional.  Around 70 carriages make up a collection of vehicles that range from the Victorian era through to British Railways mark one’s of the 1950/60s.  Tonight’s blog post looks at some of this historic collection in no particular order with a combination of pictures taken from various visits to the Bluebell Line, including my latest (please click here to read).

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