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Highgate Cemetery (1)

Posted: August 7, 2014 in History, London, UK

A few weeks ago Keith and I visited Highgate Cemetery. This is perhaps the most famous cemetery in the UK, largely because of its most famous tomb, that of Karl Marx, which is visited by people from all over the world. But the other notable thing is the uniqueness of many of the garvestones of the rich and the famous who are buried here.

The Cemetery is divided into two parts. the Eastern part is open to the public and you are free to wander as you will. the Western part is only available as a guided tour. We decided to concentrate on the Eastern part as this is where Marx is buried and where many of the most notable monuments are.

Entrance to the Western Cemetery

Entrance to the Western Cemetery

The West Cemetery opened in 1839 and was the East Cemetery was added in 1860. It was run by a private company and by the mid 20th century the place was begin to run down and suffer from being poorly maintained. In the 1970s it was purchased by a charity ‘The Friends of Huighgate Cemetery’ with a view to restore the damage that had been done and maintaining the Cemetery. The years of decline prior to the Friends taking over are evident – although the main paths were well maintained, there seemed large areas of the cemetery which were overgrown and difficult to access.




This sometimes made finding the memorials we were looking for difficult and on a couple of occasions we did not suceed.