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An excellent account of Stephen’s visit to the Houses of Parliament in London

Stephen Liddell

The last year or so I have probably visited Parliament a dozen times but always from the outside.  I’ve been in before when I was about 10 years and remember bits and pieces of the interior and especially inside the famous clock tower of Big Ben and the unusual scenario of being deafened by the bell whilst looking through the opaque glass clock face towards the street below.

However I’ve long since wanted to return there and my wife had never been inside at all.  After several years of thinking about returning and mentioning it in passing to our local MP who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several times since the 2010 election, we were very excited to receive an invitation to visit the Mother of Parliaments.

Going into Parliament Going into Parliament

It wasn’t just us on the tour as our MP Richard Harrington is a big believer of encouraging everyone…

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