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Prince William, Duke of Cumberland was born in 1721.The third son of King George II he joined the army in 1742 and was involved in campaigns against the French from 1742-5 (war of Austrian Succession). In 1745 he was recalled to the UK to deal with the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland and the subsequent invasion of England. He successfully drove the army of Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) back into Scotland and finally defeated him at the battle of Culloden in 1746. Although his actions earned him the nickname ‘ Butcher Cumberland’ he was widely acclaimed for his success. He returned to the continent but he never really achieved the same success and eventually he was forced to return home in ignominy in 1757. He retired from public life and pursued his interest in botany. He died in 1765.


The original monument on this plinth in Cavendish Square was erected by his officers in 1770 and stood there for almost 100 years until it was removed in 1868. The current statue which is carved from soap is by Meekyoung Shin and was erected in 2012.