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Shrewsbury: St Chad’s

Posted: July 5, 2017 in Shropshire, UK
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St Chad, Shrewsbury. Photo by Rob Newman (

There has been a church in Shrewsbury dedicated to St Chad, the first Bishop of Mercia (7th century AD) since the early Middle Ages. In 1788 the Old Church fell down and it was decided to move the church to a new site. The church council approved a plan for a traditional shaped church, but due to a “misunderstanding”, the architect and builders used the plans for a circular church that had actually been rejected. By the time this was realised it was too late to go back and so a circular church was built. It was started in March 1790 and opened in August 1792.

The entrance hall

The church

The Altar

Charles Darwin was baptised here in 1809.