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A History of Britain

Posted: November 13, 2018 in History

Last night Sue and I went to see Neil Oliver’s one-man show ‘A history of Britain in 100 places’. Neil, Archaeologist and Historian hs chosen 100 places across Britain from Neolithic Flint mines to the Millenium Dome which, for him, have characterised and shaped the history of Britain. A wonderful mix of history, anecdote and his own personal views on what it is to be British, this was a delightfully entertaining evening which I highly recommend.

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Neil Oliver, Archaeologist and Historian 

Unfortunately, there is little time to catch up with it as he has only 5 more performances on tour – in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Stirling this week and Inverness and Glasgow next week. But if the show is anything to go on, his forthcoming book of the same title will be well worth the read.