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UCI World Cup, London : Day 2

Posted: December 17, 2018 in London, Sport, UK
Lea Valley Velodrome
(Photo by Peter O’Connor -

Sur and I were at the Lea Valley Velodrome for Day 2 of the UCI Cycling World Cup in London.

Waiting for the start of the first race

The Omnium is cycling’s equivalent of the Pentahlon. It comprises 4 races over a single day. Race 3 is the elimination race, where there is a sprint every 2 laps and the last one to cross the line is out. This continues until 2 riders are left and they contest the final sprint.

Riders wait for start of Womens Omnium Elimination Race
Tatics are all about getting in the right position as you approach the line

The next event was the Mens Keiren which is a paced event where the riders are paced by a Derny bike until they reach a certain speed and then its a sprint to the line.

Derny Bike
The contestants start as the Derny passes them
Building up speed

Following this was the Women’s sprint, which although the shortest and quickest race starts off with a lot of tactics on the first lap with the riders sometimes coming to a complete stop as they manoeuvre for position and try to catch out their opponent, before a final 2 lap all out sprint for the finishing line.

Stephanie Morton (Australia) and Emma Hinze (Germany) manoeuvre for prime position on the track in the Women’s Sprint

Then there was the Men’s Madison which s a two-person team race where one rider is active at a time and points are scored by winning sprints or lapping the field. The riders in each team change status by tagging the other. The Silver medal was won by Fred Wright and Matt Walls of UK.

Walls and Wright wait for their medal ceremony
Matt Walls recieves his Silver medal

The final event was the points race in the Womens Omnium. The scoring is like the Maddison with points for winning sprints (every 10 laps) and for lapping the field, but this is an individual race.