Catford’s Antartic Explorer

I was driving down the road in Catford where I used to live and noticed a brown plaque on the house next door to the house where I lived between 1965 and 1969.

The plaque is to commemorate Captain William Colbeck (1871–1930).  Captain Colbeck moved to 51 Inchmery Road in 1913, following an adventurous career at sea.

He was a member of the first expedition to spend a whole year on the Antarctic continent (The Southern Cross expedition, 1898–1900) travelling further south than anyone previously (to 78° 50’, on 17 February 1900), with the Norwegian leader of the expedition, Carsten Borchgrevink. He was also on the mission bringing food and fuel supplies to Captain Scott and his men on the ice-bound Discovery in 1903, and again in 1904 when he helped to release the Discovery from the ice, by blasting open an 18-mile passage to the open sea.

The plaque was erected in 2016.

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