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A funny thing……

Posted: October 30, 2020 in Art, History

I was surprised on Tuesday this week to receive an email from The Times newspaper asking permission to reproduce a photograph from this blog. I will be honest with you that I thought it was a windup or a scam. But I checked the email and it was from ‘’, so it seemed genuine. I replied and agreed that they could use the photo. Thinking it was for some glossy magazine article, I asked when it would be published. ‘Tomorrow’ came the reply. So we dutifully bought a copy of the paper the next day (Confession, it’s not the one I normally read) and there it was, or at a small least part of it, on Page 3 in a serious story about the connection between our Royal Palaces and slavery.

Ceiling - Kings Staircase
The original photo as it appeared on the blog. The area reproduced is to the right of centre.

I have had photos that have appeared on the blog used elsewhere before. Most recently, a church that wanted to use some photos of an abbey founded by someone who was buried in their crypt. But this is my first time in a national newspaper. Do I now get to include a strap-line in the blog title ‘as seen in the Times’? Only kidding.