Around the world without leaving home

One thing about the pandemic is that we have had to find new ways of doing the things that we like in life. I really missed going to places of interest and travelling, so it was a great delight to find out about Heygo ( ). It is a web portal which allows tour guides from around the world to give live tours over the internet. You can see what they see, you can ask them questions and perhaps most impressive of all you can take photos through their device (These are then stored in your account and can be retrieved later).

Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background

So I recently found myself visiting Pompeii and Paris, two of my favourite places, in one afternoon. The Pompeii tour with Raffaele as my guide visited some of the places in the city, which have been uncovered in recent years as well as some of the older places in the city, dating back to the Greek occupation of the site in pre-Roman times. A great opportunity to see parts of the city I didn’t see on my visit or which have been uncovered since I was there about 20 years ago.

And then, as if by magic I was transported to Paris, where in the company of Florent, I went for a walk along the right bank of the River Seine.

It was interesting to hear about the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral, following the fire in 2019. It is anticipated that it will be completed by spring 2024, just before Paris hosts the Olympic Games.

So if you are tired of being stuck at home or if you just fancy visiting some exotic place, then go look at the Heygo website and sign up for a tour. The tours are free but donations to the guides are much appreciated.

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