Farewell and adieu Heygo

I had a trip booked with Heygo, the virtual tour company, last week, so was surprised to find that it had actually ceased trading earlier this month. As travel restrictions were lifted, people began travelling to places in person again and tour guides saw the level of face-to-face work rise, the need and the demand for a virtual tour company fell to the point that it became financially unviable.

I shall miss the tours, they were a great release during the days of lockdown, enabling people to continue to see places around the world from the comfort of their own computers. I shall also miss Emma, Florient, Paul and all the other guides who brought the tours to life.

So here as a farewell is a montage of pictures taken on various tours from last year from Alesund in Norway to Pompeii, from London and Paris, from castles to cathedrals.

Farewell Heygo and thank you for the memories.

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