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It’s good to know that some have an element of truth behind them.

Stephen Liddell

Most of us are familiar with Old Wives Tales, traditional pearls of wisdom from sources lost through the ages but seemingly tapping into an eternal truth that is only revealed to older married women whose only qualification is a lifetime of experience.  They cover all areas of life but not least the weather.

Despite being bombarded daily by weather forecasts that use the latest computer technology and models,  three in four of us in the U.K. are still more likely to rely on old wives’ tales to predict the weather.

We retain a belief – often misguided – that cows lie down when it’s about to rain or that a red sky at night means it will be fine tomorrow, according to a survey for the Met Office.


It found 58 per cent of UK adults believe weather proverbs are accurate to some degree – and two-thirds of these say they…

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One of the Christmas ;  New Year traditions has become the release by the emergency services of some of the more unusual calls that come through to the emergency services phone number.

My favourites this year the woman who rang the police to complain that her kebab was cold and the man who rang in the early hours of the morning to ask where he could buy a bacon sandwich!

I guess peoples ideas of emergencies vary!


One of the advantages of digital photography is the capability to take lots of shots and sometimes you don’t get it right. Things get in the way particularly if you are on a moving bus, like this unfortunate clash of signs from my recent trip to Newcastle.


(For those not from the UK – the traffic sign means ‘No Entry’)

dancing  Auroras
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Came across this brilliant quiz which matches your personality to the country most suited to it. I came out as Iceland which I admit was a bit of a surprise. Give it a go and see if you are living in your most suited country?

Winter is Coming
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I don’t believe it!

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Life's little mysteries

Smoked Haddock and stir fried vegetables
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Sometimes something happens which you find difficult to believe.

I went to the freezer to get out some haddock fillets to cook for dinner. I was looking at the labelling to see if it recommended how to cook them when I came across the following:

Caution: This product contains fish.

Well of course it does it’s two haddock fillets. I would be very worried if it didn’t. It’s so obvious that I have to ask ‘does it really need to be stated or is this caution taking to an obsessive level?’