York City walls: The Gateways

Posted: January 22, 2014 in History, Medieval History, UK, York
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I think one of the great things about the completeness of the city walls in York is that most of the original gateways remain in place. They vary considerably from the very simple to those which are much more elaborate and includes accommodation within them. In some cases the original accommodation over the gates has been converted at a later date to provide more hospitable accommodation for the people living there.





  1. TheCastleGuy says:

    The town of St Andrews in Scotland now lacks the majority of its old walls, but has some remaining gates (known as ports.) One of these is the west port, which provided access to the wealthiest street in the town and would have welcomed Pilgrims arriving from the south, and the other being the sea yett linking the cathedral to the harbour. Both are beautiful, and quite something to see!

    West Port

    Sea Yett

    • Pete says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is many years since I was in St Andrews but its is good to see that the gateways have survived, so many have removed or altered to make wider access for motor vehicles.

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