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This 1938 Austin ambulance is now part of a small transport collection which is housed in the garages at Bletchley Park. This particular vehicle was built to operate at the Rolls-Royce factory in Derby, although it was later moved to another site in Crewe. It remained in service there as a works ambulance until 1970 when it was sold into private hands. In 1982 it was purchased by the veteran ambulance service, whose aim is to preserve historic ambulance vehicles and to show them at public events and venues. The vehicle became famous for a number of on-screen roles perhaps most famously the 1998 TV production. Goodnight Mr Tom. Shortly after the appearance it was bought by Mick Jagger’s production company for use in his film Enigma, a film about code breaking at Bletchley Park. After the completion of the film it was donated by the company to the museum at Bletchley Park