Hampton Court (6): Georgian Palace

After William’s death, the British crown passed to the Hanoverians. The advent of this new royal family saw a decline in the use of Hampton Court. In 1718 George I held court at Hampton, but this was one of only a few rare visits. 1727 to 1732 saw a brief revival under George II, who completed a range of building works to extend the palace culminating with the addition of the Cumberland suite.


However, after the death of his queen, Caroline of Ansbach he appears to have lost interest in Hampton and for the remaining years of his reign he never again visited it. His son, George III finally decided to remove Hampton from the list of royal palaces and arranged for the royal suites to be broken up into apartments which were then given on a ‘grace and favour basis’ to members of the court and other officials. They averaged 12-14 rooms each although some could be as large as 40 rooms!



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