Queen Victoria’s Ankles

I was reminded the other day of a wonderful story about Queen Victoria. When she was still quite young she visited the city of Bath and a journalist wrote that he thought she had plump ankles. Now the Victorian ladies were very touchy about their ankles. Suggesting that a Victorian lady had plump ankles was a bit like saying she had a large bum or fat legs (but of course, the Victorians would not have mentioned these in good company). Anyhow our young Queen Victoria was apparently so upset by this that she said she would never visit the city again and went as far as having the blinds pulled down on her royal carriage as it went through the city so that she didn’t even have to look at the city ever again. And so the story goes she kept her word for the rest of her life. Queen Victoria 1 Bath 0 (OG)!

Queen Victoria (Franz Xaver, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons)


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