Highgate Cemetery (2)

In our walk around the Eastern cemetery we found some amazing monuments. One of the first you see on entering is this one.


Thomas Pocklington (1860-1935), a property developer who had experienced temporary blindness in his youth. As a result he used his legacy to found the Pocklington Trust, a charity which works to enable blind people to live independent lives.


Anna Mahler (1904-1988) was an Austrian sculptress and the daughter of the composer Gustav Mahler


Jim Horn (1976-2010) was an avid reader, but despite the implications not a partner in the firm.



Karl Marx (1818-1883), the cemetery’s most famous resident. The German political philosopher and revolutionary socialist lived his last 30 years in London. His original memorial was quite small, but was replaced by the current one in 1954 by the Communist party of Great Britain. It is interesting to see the number of other socialist activists and thinkers who have been buried in the area around their ‘philosophical father’.


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