Views of Orton

Described by Alfred Wainwright, the walker and writer, as one of Cumbria’s loveliest village, Orton stands on Wainwright’s famous coast to coast walk.

Sue and I were staying just outside the village during our holiday and as we walked into the village we passed Petty Hall.

Petty Hall
Petty Hall

The original building dates from 1604. It’s name comes from Sir William Petty, who lived here during the period of the English civil war. He seems to have been quite an interesting figure as he was an advisor and Commissioner to Oliver Cromwell and then to King Charles II and King James II after the restoration of the monarchy.

We pass over the stream which runs through the village


Also on this side of the village is the Old School House. now a private house.

The Old School
The Old School

Continuing on you reach the main street of the village.

The High Street
The High Street

Here are the Post Office / General Store and Kennedy’s Handmade Chocolate shop (

Kennedy's Chocolate Shop
Kennedy’s Chocolate Shop

Across from the Market Place is Silver Yard which is now a coffee shop and local craft collaborative shop (


At the north end of the village is All Saints Church, parts of which date from the 12th century

All Saints Church
All Saints Church
All Saints Church
All Saints Church

Not far from the church is the old Waverley Temperance Hotel. This was one of a number of such hotels opened in N England and Scotland towards the end of the 20th century at the hight of the temperance movement. Most had ceased to function as hotels by 1930 as the temperance movement delined in the UK. It is now a private house.


One of the highlights of our stay was on the last day before we returned to London when the monthly Farmers market came to town and it was clear that people came from the surrounding towns and villages to but from the local producers. we had gone well prepared with cool bags and ice blocks and were able to stock up for our freezer at home.

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