Patch update – Summer 2014

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Birds, Butterflies and Moths, Dragonflies, Natural History
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It has been a difficult summer around my patch. There have been highs, but the big low has been the algal bloom on the Tarn which has resulted in the return, or probably more accurately the flourishing of avian botulism which has managed to wipe out almost the entire water-bird population.


After no new bird species since May, the total finally advanced with the arrival of the first Little Grebe on the Tarn at the end of August and this now means that the total for 2014 stands at 44 species.

Butterflies and dragonflies have done better this summer around the patch. I have recorded 15 butterfly species (most ever) on the patch this year including Large Skipper in late June which was the first time I had recorded this on the patch.

Large Skipper

Large Skipper

Dragonflies have been even better with 9 species including 5 first sightings for the site. These were Large Red and Common Blue damselfly; Broad Bodied Chaser; Banded Demoiselle and Common Darter.

Large Red Damselfly

Large Red Damselfly


Banded demoiselle (Taken at Sutcliffe Park LNR)

Banded demoiselle (Taken at Sutcliffe Park LNR)


Common Darter

Common Darter


So as I said a mixed bag of highs and lows. Now we wait with anticipation to see what the autumn migration has to bring.  Wonder if I can top the Wheatear that turned up in the spring?

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