Posted: September 19, 2014 in Mammals, Natural History
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This brought back happy memories of the time Sue and I spent in Monterey and Carmel 6 years ago. One of my most vivid memories is of watching a Sea-Otter swimming into the harbour. It is a unique style as I cant think of any other creature which swims backstroke


Our Partnership for International Birding (PIB) California trip did Monterey County today, from sea to Salinas Valley. From sea otter to Yellow-billed Magpie.CUTE KILLER (1280x543)This sea otter is about the cvutest predator you’ve ever seen. Right? Lying on the mud on his back at the mouth of Elkhorn Slough.
South of Greenfield, California, and up Pine Canyon Road we found a flock of Y-B Magpies. Photo taken by one of the Colorado birders with me. How;d we find the birds? Asked the locals in a nearby cafe. Oh yes, they said, the magpies comeinto my yard and steal my dog’s food.magpies
No the group has seen 100% of the North Americans endemics, Corvids both–Island Scrub-Jay and Y-B Magpie. Neither has ever been recorded outside California.

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