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A lovely story about life on a branch-line. Having seen those small branch line locos how did they all fit into the cab!

Trawling the worldwide web regarding Trawsfynydd and the Branch to Bala, has revealed some interesting snippets of information. One of which is this below that I found HERE!

Written by an Eddie Bellass, regarding a rather interesting journey from Blaenau to Bala, in September 1959.

EPSON scanner image

My 7 months pregnant wife and I were waiting to catch the day’s last, one coach train down to Bala Junction. There we’d change into a train from Barmouth to Chester, where a further change would get us home to Earlestown on a North Wales-Manchester express.

While being run round and temporarily stabled to allow for some freight stock shunting, the single ex-GW non-corridor brake coach was derailed on some dodgy pointwork. No amount of old fishplates and sleeper packing would persuade it back on the rails. The last LMR train from Blaenau Ffestiniog North station to Llandudno Jn. had gone and no taxi could…

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