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Whilst thinking about railway preservation here is another project to consider – this time the preservation of a unique station.

Loco Yard

Folkestone Harbour Station is one of the most historically important stations in the country with it being a world’s first, and one of the places where soldiers were sent to Europe during The Great War. It is sadly under threat from demolition and a petition hase been set up to save it. I have decided to look back on what makes this station of the most unique stations in the United Kingdom, and why is should be preserved and reopened to mainline and excursion services again.


The station was built in 1843, and was the first sea and rail service in the world, implemented between Folkestone and Boulogne, making it one of the most iconic locations. The station at the moment represents over 100 years of this type of operation, in which the Harbour Railway and Station was sigularly instrumental in making Folkestone a vibrant and successful town, and rivalled…

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A really good cause. Whilst it may not be as sexy as preserving a locomotive good cover is essential to ensure preservation of the fantastic collection that they have and put off the day when further restoration is need to redress the effects of the weather..

Loco Yard

The Bluebell Railway has an incredible collection of rolling stock, some of which have featured previously on this blog (click here.)  The railway has long striven to put this unique collection under cover and now have an opportunity to raise funds to put up to 20 historic carriages under a roof.  Thanks to some generous benefactors of the railway, any donations made until mid-November will be match-funded up to a sum of £125,000.  At that point, the cost of storage for ten carriages will be reached (£250,000.)  If another £100,000 is raised, then the target storage for 20 carriages will be hit.  So please click on the link below!

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