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Black Widow

Posted: January 12, 2015 in History, Kent, UK

On our way to Cliffe on Friday, Keith and I stopped off to look at ‘The Black Widow’ an ex-Russian navy submarine which is moored on the Medway at Strood.


It is Foxtrot class B-39, a hunter killer submarine which was built in 1967 seeing service until 1994. In its latter years it was used as a training craft both for the Russian navy and for those navies to whom the Russians sold submarines.


It was sold in 1994 and its last voyage was a move to London where it was moored near the Thames Barrier and opened as a museum. In 1998 it moved to Folkestone on the Kent coast, where it continued to operate as a museum until 2004 when iit moved to its current mooring on the River Medway at Strood. It is now closed to the public, awaiting according to the official website for the owners to find a suitable new location. Other sources suggest that it will require a degree of restoration work to enable it to be opened to the public again. It has been used as a film set in recent years.

Submarine on the River Medway
Photo by Shirokazan (