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Surprises round every corner

Posted: June 22, 2015 in London, UK

One of the fantastic things about walking in London is you never quite know what you are going to find around the next corner. These are some photographs of a building Sue and I found whilst walking in central London. We didnt have the camera so they are taken with Sue’s mobile phone. This is a great thing about having a camera in our phones – whatever you find you have the capability to record it.

20150511_134518 (1)a

This is the CBRE headquarters in London. CBRE is a large commercial and residential property consultants and the decoration of their building reflects this.





20150511_134543 (1)a

20150511_134529 (1)a


Most of them we could see were types of building or property, but this one had me stumped


It is a lighthouse or a globe or?