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SVR ASG – The Night Runs

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Trains

This sounds like a fantastic experience – definitely one for the to do list!

Loco Yard

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Cooling down at Bewdley at about 1am!

The Severn Valley’s unique all night running is one of the biggest attractions for the Autumn gala and on the Friday night I was one of those people crazy enough to spend all night on the train. The atmosphere at night on a steam railway is totally different to that during the day, with smoke and steam everywhere, the occasional bright light and darkness totally disorientating. Being half awake around 4am and wondering where the hell you are and what direction you’re going is a bizarre feeling but totally enjoyable.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Taw Valley in the smoke at Bewdley

Photography-wise though it does present some challenges. In hindsight I should have practiced beforehand, as exposures lasting up to 5 seconds were new to me…

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Can you guess what it is yet?


I soon learnt that realistically you need a tripod to get any decent…

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Concluding my series on photos taken at the London Wetland Centre Wildlife Photography workshop








John Stuart Mill (born 1806) was described by one writer as ‘the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the 19th century’. During his academic career he wrote widely on the topics of social and economic philosophy. His strong belief that self-improvement was the only true freedom influenced many people of his day. Between 1865 and 1868 he combined the role of Lord Rector of the University of St Andrews (in Eastern Scotland) with sitting as MP for Westminster and the City of London. Famously he was, in 1866, the first person to call in parliment for the right of voting to be extended to women.

"JohnStuartMill". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

“JohnStuartMill”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –


He died in France in 1873 and buried there. The statue by Thomas Woolner sits in a shady corner of Victoria Embankment gardens not far from that of Henry Fawcett, another notable champion of Women’s sufferage (


Continuing my series on photos taken at the London Wetland Centre Wildlife Photography workshop






Scotsman 2016

Posted: September 24, 2015 in Trains

Excellent news, It will be great to see this iconic locomotive in steam again!

Loco Yard

The National Railway Museum have published details of plans for the world’s most famous steam locomotive’s first year of operation after completion of its major overhaul.  According to the latest official Flying Scotsman overhaul blog entry* to-date (as this article is published,) Riley and Sons still plan to complete the Flying Scotsman’s overhaul later this year, but 2016 is set to be “Scotsman Season.”

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Continuing the series of photos taken at the London Wetlands Centre whilst attending the wildlife photography workshop.









This lovely picture of a Monarch remind me of our trip to the Monterey bay area of California in 2009

Through My Lens

A common, yet very beautiful butterfly that I saw while walking with my son, Herman, in a small nature reserve here on the Gold Coast.

Wandering Monarch

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Some more photos of the wildlife at the London Wetland Centre









Herbert Francis Eaton was born in 1848 and educated at Eton. whilst at school he was a member of the shooting and rowing teams. In 1864 he joined the Grenadier Guards and rowed for a guards crew at the Henley Regatta in 1877. In 1887, following his father’s elevation to the House of Lords, Herbert stood for parliament in his father’s old constituency but was defeated by 16 votes. In 1902, on the death of his elder brother, he became 3rd Baron Cheylesmore with a seat in the House of Lords. In 905-6 he became Mayor of Westminster and in 1912 he became chairman of the London County Council. He also served as chairman of the National Rifle Association. In 1914 he was appointed Commandant of the Army Shooting School at Bisley, a post he held throughout WWI. He died in a motor accident in 1925.

Herbert Eaton - from Vanity Fair By "WH" (Wallace Hester) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Herbert Eaton – from Vanity Fair 1912
By “WH” (Wallace Hester) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When the Olympics came to London in 1948, one of the new shooting ranges at the shooting venue at Bisley was named the ‘Cheylesmore range’ in recognition of his contribution to the sport.


The Memorial which can be found in Victoria Gardens is by Edwin Lutyens and was unveiled in 1930.

More shots of wildlife at London Wetland Centre






And a rather atmospheric shot over one of the lakes