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SVR ASG – The Night Runs

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Trains

This sounds like a fantastic experience – definitely one for the to do list!

Loco Yard

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Cooling down at Bewdley at about 1am!

The Severn Valley’s unique all night running is one of the biggest attractions for the Autumn gala and on the Friday night I was one of those people crazy enough to spend all night on the train. The atmosphere at night on a steam railway is totally different to that during the day, with smoke and steam everywhere, the occasional bright light and darkness totally disorientating. Being half awake around 4am and wondering where the hell you are and what direction you’re going is a bizarre feeling but totally enjoyable.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Taw Valley in the smoke at Bewdley

Photography-wise though it does present some challenges. In hindsight I should have practiced beforehand, as exposures lasting up to 5 seconds were new to me…

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Can you guess what it is yet?


I soon learnt that realistically you need a tripod to get any decent…

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