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I was born and spent my first 8 years in the East end of London inside the eastern edge of Stephen’s green zone. I remember some of the terms listed being used and I certainly remember the weekly visit to the Pie and Mash shop – always with Liquor (not alcohol but a white parsley sauce).

Stephen Liddell

Almost everyone knows what a Cockney is or at least they think they do.   Famously they are the original Londoners known for their cheeky banter, no nonsense approach to life and perhaps being a bit rough.   Actually a lot rough.  The amount of London gangster films has given to a film genre in itself, all populated by brutish cockneys with a sometimes unexpected moral code.

Having put up with centuries of deprivation, exploitation, Great Fires, serial killers and Luftwaffe bombings then it is little wonder that Cockneys have a certain reputation.  These days the worst estates in London have been known to fight off alien invasions and even zombies.


But what actually constitutes a Cockney.  London is actually a huge city, officially around 600 square miles or 1,000 square kilometers and that doesn’t include all the outying districts that strictly speaking aren’t London but in reality pretty much…

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