Q+A: 5551 The Unknown Warrior

This is one impressive project as enthusiasts seek to fill the gaps in our national collection of preserved locomotives.

New Build Steam

David Bradshaw and Gavin Shell of the Patriot project kindly answered some questions about 5551 The Unknown Warrior.

CAD image highlighting the snifting valve. By Kevin West.

When did project start, and how? How did a new-build Patriot come to be the National Memorial Engine?
Back in 2007 when Tornado was nearing completion David Bradshaw, joint founder of the GW Society County Project was daring to dream about new possibilities in railway preservation. One of his biggest regrets was that a LMS Patriot class was never saved for the National Collection despite one being a memorial engine. Knowing what it takes to launch a project David along with editor Danny Hopkins and former editor Tony Streeter of Steam Railway magazine wrote an article asking if there was enough support to launch the project. At the time there was no other LMS new build on the cards with all the other…

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