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One of my favourite parts of the country.


28 Formby Point

It was a beautiful sunny morning so I decided to do a short walk. Having checked the tide timetable I set out for Formby Point, just a few miles along the coast.

I parked at the National Trust beach car park and set out along the Squirrel Trail. The pine woods are home to one of the remaining colonies of the native red squirrel. I was hoping to see some and maybe get some photos.

27 Formby Pinewoods

I thought it would be quiet but I had forgotten it was the school holidays and there were lots of families and children enjoying the fresh air. I did see several squirrels but each time one was spotted a chorus of voices rang out. “ Look Mummy, there’s a squirrel. Of course the poor animal quickly disappeared.

I left the woods and entered an open area. Signposts indicated I was on a stretch of the…

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