Statues and Monuments: Duke of Wellington

This statue of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington was erected in Norwich about a year after his death in 1852. It was originally situated near the castle but was moved in 1937, as the result of a new road layout, to a place in the Cathedral Grounds.

The Duke is shown on a plinth decorated with a coat of arms and regimental colours. The Norfolk Chronicle reported the unveiling ceremony in 1853:

The hero is represented in the identical boots, cloak, and some other portions of the dress actually worn at Waterloo, which were placed at the service of Mr Adams, the sculptor, when he was modelling the figure.’

The coat of arms shows the Duke’s insignia as knight of the garter, knight of the golden fleece and of the bath, resting on his four field marshal’s batons and framed by regimental colours.

The statue underwent restoration in 2014 and the names of Wellington’s battles recorded are now clearly legible.

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