Anyone for Cricket again?

For our second cricket trip of the summer Keith and I chose to go to Canterbury to see Kent play the West Indies international side in a preparation match for the test series against England. It would be fair to say the weather was very different to our recent trip to Beckenham!

The Canterbury Ground at the time for play to start.
Will there be play? The Umpires and groundsman discuss
Will there be play? A West Indian cricketer contemplates whether he will get to bat.
The rain stops and the groundsman remove water from the covers
Removing the pitch covers
We are going to get play!
Matt Hunn of Kent at full speed
The West Indies batsman waits and so do the close fielders
Safely pouched by Rouse, the Kent Wicketkeeper
Shai Hope dispatches a ball to the boundary.

The rain did return a couple of times during the day, but we did get to see about 3 hours of entertaining cricket before the game was called off at 5 pm. Keith and I wondered why as the weather didn’t seem that bad at the time. We started the walk back to the station – about 20 minutes- and only just made it before a tremendous storm with thunder and lighting broke. Obviously, they had been warned this was on its way and we were grateful we left when we did rather than get caught in it!

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