Archive for October 3, 2018

A very wet and windy day, so Sue and I forsake the outdoors for a trip on the North Norfolk Railway and lunch in Sheringham.


We board our train, pulled by the magnificent Black Prince at Holt and make our way across the Norfolk countryside to the coastal town of Sheringham.


After lunch in Sheringham, we wander around the town centre admiring the shop front displays on a 1940’s theme as part of the town’s 1940’s weekend the following Saturday and Sunday. The charity and clothes shops have 1940’s clothes, the wool shop 1940’s pattern and materials and the electrical appliances shop has old fridges and electrical equipment. Amazing the lengths they have gone to and we were told that everybody dresses up in 1940s costume over the weekend.

But soon the train is calling for the return journey to Holt and once again we find ourselves travelling behind ‘Black Prince’ enjoying the sight and sounds of this wonderful engine.