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Arundel Castle

Posted: July 11, 2019 in History, Post medieval history, UK
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Arundel Castle is situated on a rock bluff overlooking the valley of the River Arun. The first castle on this site was built is 1068, just two years after the Norman conquest. By 1155 the original wooden structure had been replaced by a stone castle. In the 13th century the castle passed into the hands of the Howard family. Sir John Howard was created Duke of Norfolk in 1483 and the castle remains the home of his descendants to this day. It was besieged during the Civil War (1642 to 45) first by the Royalists and then by the Parliamentarians. It was badly damaged and repairs were not commenced until 1718. Queen Victoria stayed at the castle for three days in 1846 and the castle as it is today owes much to the restoration carried out around 1900.





Still Battling!

Posted: July 11, 2019 in Announcements

We got the internet back at 10.30pm last night and I resolved to catch up on posts this morning. But you guessed it, when I woke this morning it wasdown again. I have tried posting on public WiFi at the coffee shop but it is just too slow to handle images, so will need to try somewhere else.

In the meantime I will continue reposting a series on UK castles I have visited over the years.