West Country 2019 (4): Boscastle

Sue and I went to the picturesque village of Boscastle on the North Cornwall coast. Historically, the harbour was important as it was the only harbour on the north coast for 20 miles. During its active time, it was used to import limestone and coal and exporting slate. The village is at the confluence of 3 rivers before they reach the sea.

On 16 August 2004 a flash flood, caused by heavy rainfall flowing down the rivers meeting a high tide, caused extensive damage as the water rose above the river banks and harbour walls. 50 cars were swept into the harbour and a number of buildings were seriously damaged including a number of the villages historic buildings. Amazingly no people were killed. The National Trust, which owns a lot of the properties and land in the area and other organisations set about restoring the village to its pre-flood condition.

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