Goslings galore

After being away last week it was back to the weekly survey walk around our estate gardens and the Tarn. It was a lovely sunny day with a lot of bird song. Immediately I saw a Holly Blue Butterfly and a Large White, my first for both species this summer. A second Holly Blue was seen by the golf course But there was not much else insect-wise to be seen. The two singing male Blackcaps were in the same areas as two weeks ago, but there was no sign of the Chiffchaff that had been near the golf course end of the gardens.

So onto the Tarn where there were goslings of all 3 resident goose species: Greylag, Canada and Egyptian.

There were also a couple of families of Coots and one still on a nest

The only butterflies seen were 2 Holly Blues and a buff/white-tailed bumblebee, so large it might well have been a queen (although they should be settled in nests by now) were all that was to be seen.

My final stop was to visit the dragonfly pond. When I last visited two weeks ago there had been nothing here, but today there were 5 Large Red Damselflies with two pairs flying in tandem and laying eggs.

Large Red Damselfly (photo by John Freshney {https://www.flickr.com/photos/139753516@N02/})

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