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The Edmund Gardner is one of three large pilot cutters built for the Mersey docks and Harbour board in the 1950s. It entered into service in 1953 and is named after a former chairman of the harbour board. It served as a base in the Irish Sea for pilots guiding ships into and out of Liverpool docks, providing accommodation for up to 32 pilots. As an example – in one 24 hour period in 1960 it provided 10 inbound pilots (two passenger liners, two tankers and six cargo vessels)and collected pilots from six outbound vessels. It remained in service to 1982 when ownership passed to the Merseyside Maritime Museum, where it is now displayed. It is one of only two preserved large pilot boats in the world (the other being in Australia). Unfortunately on the day that I was there, there were no tours of the ship. However, Merseyside Maritime Museum does provide a virtual tour on their website for anyone who’d like to see around the ship. It can be found at