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Edith Cavell was buried outside Norwich Cathedral following the return of her body from Belgium in 1919. To mark the centenary of her death, a new headstone was produced

In addition, a series of paintings depicting her life were commisioned to be displayed inside the cathedral.

Paintings depicting (left to right): Edith at work in Brussels; Arrest and interrogation; her execution and the return of her body to the UK after the end of WW1.

Norwich Cathedral has some wonderful stained glass windows.



Window celebrating Norwich’s Benedictine heritage



Norwich Cathedral (4)

Posted: July 17, 2018 in History, Norfolk, UK

The14th-century altar panel in St Luke’s Chapel


The relic nitch situated beneath the Bishops seat

                Memorial to, and the tomb of, Bishop Herbert, first Bishop of Norwich                              and builder of the first Cathedral in Norwich.

Wonderful architecture and furnishings

Norwich Cathedral (3)

Posted: July 10, 2018 in History, Norfolk, UK

Some of my favourite things about Norwich Cathedral.


Most striking is the font. Originally a vessel from a local chocolate factory, it was presented to the Cathedral and converted into a font when the factory closed.


The medieval font

The Pulpit


Wall painting

Organ and Lectern

Entering the Cathedral, you are faced with a wonderful lofty building with magnificent Norman architecture.

But for me, I think its real glory is the wonderful fan-vaulted ceiling.

The origins of Norwich Cathedral date back to 1096 with the relocation of the bishop’s seat from Thetford. The site had been an Anglo-Saxon settlement including 2 earlier churches, which were demolished to make room for the new building. It took almost 50 years for it to be completed. The Cathedral was part of a monastery of Benedictine monks. The East End and Spire were rebuilt and remodelled on a number of occasions up until 1480. Cathedral, as we see it today, is pretty much as it was in that year. The exception is the Lady Chapel added in 1930, the original 13th-century chapel having been demolished in the 16th century.

Norwich Cathedral By Simon Leatherdale, CC BY-SA 2.0, (

Entrance into the Cathedral Precincts is by one of two gates

Ethelbert Gate

The Ethelbert Gate commemorates one of the Saxon Churches demolished in the building of the Cathedral. The original was destroyed in the riots of 1272 but was rebuilt in the early 14th century

Erpingham Gateway

The Erpingham Gateway dates from 1420 and is named for a city Benefactor, Sir Thomas Erpingham, who had been a military commander in the armies of Henry IV and Henry V but who is perhaps best known for being the commander of the archers at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 at the age of 60.

On our arrival in Norwich, we made our way to the Cathedral Close to look and see if we could see the nesting Peregrines. The nest is on a platform located on a window-ledge on the spire (marked with a red dot on photo).

We couldn’t see the bird on the nest as she was keeping well down but eventually located her mate perched on a ledge further up the spire (marked with a blue dot on photo).

The pair have two chicks, one hatched 3rd of May and the second on the 4th May. The live web-cam of the nest can be seen at