Roman gods in York

The god Sol, here carved in the fashion of a Celtic Sun God or a classical Gorgon. The Romans often incorporated local gods or interpretations into the Roman pantheon as a way of binding the peoples of the Empire together.

The god Mithras, a favourite of the Roman soldiers. The cult of Mithras was for men only and they met in temples which resembled caves.

A statue of Animanes, the devil who fought with Mithras. His lion head is unfortunately missing. This was commissioned by Volusius Iraenaeus after Animanes had aided him in some unspecified venture.

This is an altar to Serapis, an Egyptian god who was a favourite of the Emperor Septimus Severus. This alter indicates the flexibility of the Roman religious system which allowed for God’s from all over the Empire to be incorporated, and worshipped. This alter was set up by Claudius Hieronymianus, the legate (commanding officer) of the sixth legion

These tombstones can all be seen in the Museum of Yorkshire.

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