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The site of Tel-Lachish or Tel- Duveir lies 25 miles south west of Jerusalem adjacent to the coastal hill range. It lies on the edge of the area known as the Shephelah, a fertile agricultural area, which lies between the coastal hills and the inland range of mountings. This area was densely settled in the Bronze Age by early farmers, who no doubt recognised the good agricultural quality of the land there. Eventually, a number of bronze age settlements, were founded which developed into city states. In later times the position of Lachish became strategic as it stood aside two important roadways, one leading from Jerusalem and the North towards the border of Egypt and the second leading through the coastal hill range to the coastal city states. This second road was probably of the greater importance, since the majority of traffic traveled down this coastal road ‘the Via Mara’ and could then turn eastwards through the hills and on into the inland kingdoms. As we shall see this becomes very important in the history of the city.