Fenland Plants (1)

The Fenland environment is a unique one and plays home to many unique and specialised plants. Here are some photos of a few from a visit to Wicken Fen (I hope I have got the identities correct).

Common Comfrey
Common Comfrey

Common Comfrey was a plant used in folklore medicine. One use was in the treatment of fractured bones and iot is from this that it is thought the names derives as ‘Con firma’ in latin means ‘making of bones’.

White Bryony
White Bryony

White Bryony is a toxic plant especially the roots. It can pose a problem for diary farmers as if eaten in sufficient quantity it can cause cows to stop producing milk.

Yellow Rattle
Yellow Rattle

Yellow rattle is a parasitic plant which attaches itself to the root systems of other plants in order to steal nutrients.

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