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There is a legend in Sumerian mythology that Inanna went to the sacred city of Eridu where she stole a number of sacred items belonging to the father God Enki ,which she then bought back to her Temple at Uruk. The tale of Inanna and the God of wisdom details how Enki when he discovered that the objects had been removed went to great lengths to have them brought back to the sanctuary at Eridu. There is an underlying message in this tale, the removal of these artefacts, which was said to define the basis of the cultural pattern of Sumerian civilisation, from the city of the god’s Eridu to a city of men, marked a shift in the focus of power. A clear statement is being made in this story about where the power lies in the region. It has shifted from the old god’s of Eridu to those god’s who have taken up residence in Uruk, as seen by the helplessness of the old gods. It would also of course, strengthen Uruk’s position amongst the other settlements of the area.