A spectacular sight

The sight of starlings gathering for an evening roost in winter, a murmuration, can be one of the most spectacular sights in nature as this post reports. I remember when there used to be one in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London. It was a fantastic way to finish a day’s visit to the city just watching those thousands of birds wheeling away in the sky before finding a place to spend the night. Sadly no more there, but there are still some magnificent places in the UK to see murmurations in action.

A sparkling frosty evening so we decided to give it a go and glad we did……masses upon masses of birds and early arrivals did put on a performance….Joy and myself were accompanied by Martin( skylark) and his neighbour Stuart….Stuart whom had never seen a murmuration before was well impressed by the sheer nos of birds…. […]

via Llandegley starling Roost this evening. — Radnor Bird Blog

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