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Sparkling Starlings

Posted: March 13, 2020 in Birds, Natural History

When I was at Southsea, I saw these Starlings. The combination of the sun and the rain brought out their plumage to its best effect.

A spectacular sight

Posted: January 11, 2018 in Birds, Natural History, UK, Wales
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The sight of starlings gathering for an evening roost in winter, a murmuration, can be one of the most spectacular sights in nature as this post reports. I remember when there used to be one in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London. It was a fantastic way to finish a day’s visit to the city just watching those thousands of birds wheeling away in the sky before finding a place to spend the night. Sadly no more there, but there are still some magnificent places in the UK to see murmurations in action.

A sparkling frosty evening so we decided to give it a go and glad we did……masses upon masses of birds and early arrivals did put on a performance….Joy and myself were accompanied by Martin( skylark) and his neighbour Stuart….Stuart whom had never seen a murmuration before was well impressed by the sheer nos of birds…. […]

via Llandegley starling Roost this evening. — Radnor Bird Blog

Common Starling
Common Starling
Photo by David Jenkins (

We think about modern development destroying natural habitats and generally thsi is true, but some birds have adapted readily to man-made structures.


Recently Sue, my wife, was attracted to the sound of young birds whilst crossing London Bridge and on closer inspection witnessed starlings going in and out of the decorative structures of the front of Adelaide House.


20140506_103705 - Copy

20140506_103659 - Copy

I suppose to a starling it is just like a hole in a tree!