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Connected to the main courtyard by a short passage is a smaller courtyard around which are situated the Kitchens of the Tudor palace.


There are a number of preparation and storage rooms. One thing I was interested to find was that Tudors didn’t eat pies despite them appearing in many pictures. The pastry case was merely for the cooking and was not eaten. Instead, it was used like a bowl after the top had been sliced off and the contents spooned out.

Meat preparation room

Meat preparation room


Tudor pies - pastry cooking vessels

Tudor pies – pastry cooking vessels

At the centre are 2 large kitchens, each with its own roasting fire. In one there was a demonstration of roasting.




Preparing the Tudor feast in the Kitchens

Preparing the Tudor feast in the Kitchens

In one was a range of stoves and a bread oven.




There was also a dining area for kitchen staff and in another small courtyard offices for kitchen overseers.



Close by was the wine store