Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub & The Rude Parrot of Fleet Street

A truly great story of the Parrot of Fleet St!

Stephen Liddell

Following on from my discovery and subsequent blog post on John “Mad Jack” Mytton – The craziest man in history!  I was overjoyed to stumble across another hilarious character of history whilst out on a Charles Dickens Walking Tour on friday.

Everything was going well and then we reached one of the points of the tour, the fabulously old Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub in Fleet Street, London.  Famously the pub has a sign on the outside proclaiming it was rebuilt in 1667 just after The Great Fire of London along with a plaque illustrating all of the monarchs who have been and gone during the length which the current pub has been operating…. not to mention that much of the pub is much older still.

15622175_739764119510249_72745606837920513_n One of the most famous pubs in London but far from being the oldest.

My lovely American guests from New York were peckish and…

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