Chatham Historic Dockyard: Tour (part 2)

XE8 Midget Submarine Expunger built in 1944 for operations in the far east. It was sunk as an underwater target at HMS station Portland but was salvaged in 1973. It is the only known survivor of its class.

Railway Carriage believed to have been used by General Kitchener during his campaign in the Sudan.
Dockyard Railway equipment









HMS Ocelot, an Oberon class submarine launched from Chatham Dockyard in May 1962. She was the last submarine to be built at Chatham. She was decommissioned in August 1991 and put on display in the dockyard.
A memorial to the 11000 sailors who lost their lives whilst serving on Royal Naval destroyers in WWII.
The storage buildings at the southern end of the dockyard are over a quarter of a mile long
One of these building contains the Ropery, which still makes ropes today









The Garden of Commissioners House, a lovely place to have lunch





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