Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory and Field Centre

Sandwich bay is an area on the coast of east Kent. It has been formed by the movement of shingle banks. It is famous for two things, its golf courses (Royal St George’s, Prince’s, Royal Cinque ports and St Augustines) and its wildlife.

The first ringing station was set up here in 1952 by local naturalists and it moved to its present location 10 years later. In 1986 the centre acquired the area known as Restharrow Dunes and in 2002 created a scrape area nearby in order to attract passing wading birds on migration. The scrape was enlarged in 2020.

The present field centre also opened in 2002 and contains a shop, meeting rooms, offices and accommodation (together with a shower room and a kitchen) which enables naturalists, and others, to stay at the centre either to observe its work, enjoy the local wildlife or to explore East Kent. It is also the centre for a number of outreach activities introducing the local community, especially young people, to the wildlife that lives around them.

In the subsequent years, the Trust which runs the centre has been able to purchase other parcels of land surrounding the centre to create a patchwork of nature reserves in the area.


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