Return to Lincoln Cathedral

After a recent meeting in Lincoln, I had some time before catching my train back to London and decided to revisit the Cathedral. I was last in Lincoln in 2019 when I wrote about the history of the Cathedral ( and what you can find inside ( At the time I was struck by the wonderful stained glass ( and so I made it the focus of my visit this time.

The stained glass in Lincoln Cathedral dates from the end of the 12th century up to the middle of the 19th century and the different colours and styles can be seen as you move around the cathedral. The oldest window is probably the Dean’s Eye, a very early Rose window dating from between 1192 and 1235.

The Dean’s Eye

But this is not the only impressive example of a Rose window in the cathedral buildings

But it is not only the great windows, wherever you look are examples of stained glass, like these examples I found in a corridor leading from the Cathedral to the cloister.

And I am sure there are many other fine windows if you look for them, but on this occasion, my time was up and I needed to make my way to the station to commence my journey home. Good reason to return though.


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